Riverside lounge logo design on coffee machine photography background
Riverside lounge

Riverside Lounge, industrial-meets-vintage in style, sits beside a stream, which runs into Lake Ägeri, Switzerland. The well-considered interiors provided suitable brand-building inspiration for Gentry: green subway tiles, natural wood, raw concrete and industrial black piping - coupled with a mix of retro elements: muted red Persians, velvet and leather furniture. Quirky thrift store elements, complete the trendy retro look. The beauty of Riverside Lounge’s geographic position was our structural starting point and the logo reflects the actual mountain range around Lake Ägri. The remainder of the logo elements literally “flow” from here –the dynamic “Riverside” wordmark which narrows and ends in the smooth scripted “lounge”. The logo is sufficiently “retro” to suit the brand, without being clichéd (we have all seen a lot of retro by now). The Letter “R” was created as a separate, but complementary device. Colours are a soft comforting grey with a vintage-green accent.
Riverside lounge branding and with takeaway coffee cup design
Coffee table view from above with Riverside lounge stationery and branding design
Riverside lounge interior space

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