We invite you to participate in our 2023 goal to inspire and practice more sustainable living.
Small daily habits like walking to the shops, starting a composting bin, recycling packaging regularly or consuming less plastic all help to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. 
We will be making a concerted effort to inspire more sustainably sourced packaging materials tailored to your needs to aid in this goal.
As a packaging design agency, we have a heightened aware of our impact on the environment, and we embrace environmentally sustainable practices wherever possible.
Looking for biodegradable clingwrap, straws and bags?
Join an invasive alien hack, participate in a Bioblitz, help collecting data on rare plant species.
For beach clean-ups from Blouberg to Fishhoek to Gordon's Bay monthly on first Saturdays.
Get a free tree planted by the City Parks board on the verge outside your house.
Everything you need to know & buy to set up your own worm farm and make organic fertilizer from kitchen scraps.
For fully traceable seafood right back to where, when and by whom it was caught. Premium quality, local seafood harvested responsibly by small-scale fisherfolk using low-impact fishing methods.
For weekly recycling collection from your kerb - super user-friendly sign-up, cost effective, efficient.

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