The philosophical discourse on the subject of “Immortal Souls” throughout the centuries provided us with a conceptual & visual feast of inspiration for a brand we could fill with depth and mystery. We drew from philosophers including Socrates and Augustine in determining our illustrative content. The colour choice of blue and copper firmly establishes the wine label for current visual appeal, while the deeper intriguing layers bring substance and a hint of alluring macabre! 

“Death means the destruction of the body, but the conscious soul would continue to live in either a blissful state with God, or an agonizing state of separation from God.” Augustine (4th Century AD).

Overall we appreciated the beautiful balance between accepting mortality and embracing life. 
Memento mori | Memento vivere
Immortal Souls wine label design on illustrated background
Immortal Souls illustrated wine label design
Foiled logo design for Immortal Souls wine on illustrated background

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