Roxton Black logo design on slate background
Roxton Black
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Roxton is the flagship tier for the popular lifestyle brand Brampton -  a “grown-up” offering from the ultra-cool and vibey Brampton Wine Studio in Church Street, Stellenbosch. The Brampton brand ethos is self-expression: pushing the boundaries of convention and embracing creative energy.
Roxton, like Brampton, was an imported pedigree bull! In the same spirit of bold expressive creativity, the Roxton wine series showcases artists’ expressions of the Roxton legacy in their own media. ROXTON BLACK, the second in the Roxton series is an award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon from Stellenbosch, where the demand for Cabernet is so great, that it is scarce.
The black label design is a suitably dramatic backdrop to the power and energy of the bull, which charges across the wide wrap-around label. The energy is not limited to the bull – the scratched black background divulges the creative intensity of artist, Candice Blignaut as her deft chalk strokes unleash the bull and give it life. The copper foil closure and detailing is the striking masculine finish to a powerful pack design.
Roxton Black wine label design
Roxton Black wine label design close-up illustration detail
Roxton Black wine label design close-up details
Roxton Black wine tasting notes layflat styled shot
Roxton Black wine wrap-around label design

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